LATVIA – Indāni Traditional Farmstead

Indāni Traditional Farmstead


Distances: Riga 95 km
Address: Kandavas pag., Kandavas nov., LV – 3120, Latvia
Season: May – September
Hosts: Signe Ezeriņa




There are different options for staying guests and for visiting guests.

– For staying guests:

Visitors can become part of a family living a traditional farmstead life. There is room for guests in the hosts’ home. Adults and children will be able to learn about farm animals including goats and geese, view a collection of ancient tools, enjoy a country sauna with birch and juniper switches, drink herbal tea with honey and try carrot buns.

– For visiting guests:

A 2-hour farm tour programme includes:

  • a tour of the farm, introducing the way of life in the countryside;
  • a refreshment break drinking herbal tea with honey and trying carrot buns and other traditional pastries.