Package type: full day

Season: June 12–August 28, on Saturdays

For whom: groups (min. 10–max. 25 pers.)

Services included: guide services for the whole day, entrance fees, lunch, wine tasting, coffee and a cinnamon roll, a horse-drawn carriage ride (transportation is available at an extra charge)

Duration of the programme: 10 hours from and to accommodation

Type of transport: tour bus or individual transfer


Address: Pietiläntie 2, 08800 Lohja
Distance from the capital: Helsinki 80 km
Hostess: Ms. Sanna Maula
Contact details:
T.: +358 400 777710

The story of apple farming in Lohja began in the 16th century when lord of the manor Erik Fleming brought apple tree seedlings from Tallinn. Many envied Fleming’s apples, which he could pick directly from his own trees and so apple trees began to appear in home gardens ranging from manor houses to working-class homes. The tradition of apple farming is still strongly visible all around Lohja and especially on Lohjansaari island situated in the middle of Lake Lohjanjävi, the largest lake in Southern Finland. The island is famous for its apple farms and thousands of apple trees which are filled with the delicious fresh apples in the autumn. The Ciderberg Apple Vineyard is one of the largest apple producers in Lohja and they also welcome visitors to explore the apple farm and to taste vineyards products. Other local treasures can be found at the island’s farmers market that is held every Saturday in the summertime.

The tour is hosted by Virve Haahti, an experienced travel and tourism professional and official tourist guide.

The programme visits present rural lifestyle and occupations on Lohja island.

09:00 Departure. Ms. Virve Haahti, the tour hostess, picks up guests from the hotel.

10:00 Lohjansaari island’s farmers market selling local food and handicrafts

11:00 Ciderberg vineyard. The owners will talk about apple farming and farm’ products. Lunch and wine tasting at the vineyard. Before leaving the Ciderberg vineyard, guests will have time to buy wines and other farm products and take photos.

13:00 The Paavolan Oak. Walking through beautiful Paavola forest to one of the most famous trees in Finland. The Paavolan Oak Tree tree is also among TOP10 most Instagrammable places to visit in Finland.

14:00 Coffee break at Ö café. Coffee and a cinnamon bun as well as local beer and coffee for purchase.

15:00 Fruticetum. Visitors will learn about fruit and berry farming in Finland and see almost 500 different apple- berry- and fruit trees that grow in Finland. Fruits and berries can also be handpicked in late July and August.

16:30 Huhtasaari horse estate. A horse-drawn carriage ride, an opportunity to pet and take photos of the farm animals.

19:00 Arriving back to the accommodation.