Bīriņu Pils Castle Hotel

Bīriņu Pils Castle Hotel

The Bīriņi estate buildings and the park were built in the 18th-19th century. The castle itself exemplifies a successful mixture of styles – the architecture is domi- nated by the Neo-gothic and Semicircle style, while the interior features Neo- renaissance. Today the castle is a prestigious and romantic venue for banquets and weddings.


Distance from Riga: 53 km
Website: www.birinupils.lv/en/
Location: Bīriņu Pils, Bīriņi, Vidrižu pag., Limbažu nov., LV-4013, Latvia





The Castle Building.
5 Standard DBL/TWIN rooms (2 with a shower, 3 with a bath)
3 Suite DBL rooms (with private Jacuzzi bath)
4 Family apartments (2 bedrooms, private WC and shower)

The Gardeners House.
3 Standard DBL rooms (1 with a shower, 2 with a bath)
2 Standard DBL/TWIN rooms
1 Suite DBL
1 Suite TWIN
3 Family apartments (2 bedrooms, private WC and shower)



  • Several parks surrounding the Bīriņi estate.
  • Bathhouses: Castle’s Bathhouse with the pool, the steam bath, massage shower.
  • Watermill’s Bath during the summer season – a traditional Latvian sauna with birch or linden whisks, herbal tea, a swim in Watermill Lake.
  • Active leisure: horse rides, a ride in the cart or sleigh, boat rental, bicycle rental.



  • The Bīriņi Castle restaurant is located in the Vaulted Hall, in the cosy basement of the Castle.
  • The Summer Café. In the summer season, an ethnic museum – cafe is open Wednesday – Sunday in the Bīriņi Castle Watermill, where it is possible to enjoy some refreshments on the Terrace at the Watermill lake.



The Dzirnupes farm

This is an organic farm, and visitors are invited to join in the fieldwork – gather hay, make sauerkraut, pull weeds, milk a goat, watch the geese, catch some fish and then smoke them following the farmer’s own recipe. Visitors can also help to bake bread. There’s a sauna where guests can inhale the aroma of healthy grasses and drink some medicinal teas.

The smithy, museum and workshop of Kaspars Auza

The workshop offers a look at lanterns, candelabras, hinges, fireplace tools, stair railings and gates that have been manufactured there, as well as several exhibits from the 18th century. Guests can produce an own nail.