Visiting local events is a good opportunity to really meet local people and immerse in the rural lifestyle.

Farmers’ markets, local fairs and harvest festivals are a strong tradition and take place in all rural destinations. Farmers and local food producers sell their own produce and offer tastings, while craft masters are also present with their masterpieces. The true spirit of the countryside shows in song and dance performances by local groups.
Local farmers’ markets usually take place at weekends, every other weekend or in other regular times. There are markets dedicated to seasonal festivities such as Christmas markets.

Festivals are usually linked with the season, for example, spring festivals are a parade of garden plants and local foods and crafts, while in autumn harvest festivals offer the widest range of local specialties and home-produced foods.

Home café days are a comparatively new tradition. This unique pop-up event allows visitors to taste the best local dishes people usually serve on their own festive tables.

Midsummer is festive time in all our countries when people celebrate with special traditions, songs, dances and festive foods.

Visiting a local event can be added to excursion programmes in destinations to get an authentic experience of today’s social life in the countryside.