Rural programmes


These programmes offer brief rural experiences that can bring some diversity to the existing tour operator itineraries for group and individual travel. There is a choice of short, stopover packages and half or full day programmes. Short programmes can be adapted to the timings and geographical area covered by tour operators’ existing tours and fitted in as additional elements without changing the basic tour itinerary. Half and full day programmes, with or without overnight stays in country hotels, can be useful for individual tourists interested in experiences outside cities. Each programme package consists of several services.

The descriptions of the programme packages are provided to give the best idea of the product. They are structured in three parts:

– General Information presents the technical details regarding the programme’s duration, distances, etc. to help readers understand whether and how the programme could be fitted into tour operators’ itineraries;

– The Introduction describes the highlights and unique experiences the programme offers;

– The Programme Itinerary describes, step by step, all the activities included in the package.


Food workshop at Mazsālijas country house