It is very convenient to visit the three countries in one trip – they are safe and easy to travel around. There are relatively short travelling distances between and within countries due to their size, no border formalities between countries, the same time zone, the same currency, and similar climate.
To reach our destination, Helsinki in Finland is the main gateway. From there it is possible to travel within Finland, and to Estonia and Latvia by air, sea and land. The main airports are located in capitals: Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga. Several ferry ports connect the countries with other interesting destinations, for example Sweden. The ferry ports are located in the cities of Helsinki in Finland, Tallinn in Estonia, and Riga in Latvia, local ferries connect the Estonian islands with the mainland. There are good bus services between Riga and Tallinn and smooth ferry services between Tallinn and Helsinki.
Group tours, self-drive itineraries or even backpacking are good ways to become familiar with the Baltic States and South Coast Finland, discovering many places hidden away from the usual tourist routes.

CULTURE ROAD: Explore the countryside of the Baltic Sea: Finland – Estonia – Latvia

The tour introduces a variety of attractions and values outside big cities revealing the true character of the countries. The visitors will experience the beauty of nature in national parks, charming ambience of rural manors, visit traditional rural farms and skilful traditional artisans and craftsmen

CASTLES’ AND MANORS’ ROAD: Riga – Tallinn – Helsinki – St.Petersburg

The tour provides an insight into history of the countries through experience of castles and manor houses, starting from massive medieval stone walls through to exquisite Baroque and Art Nouveau masterpieces.

NATURE ROAD: From Vilnius to Helsinki through the Baltic States

A panoramic tour of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland with highlights of nature experiences in the National parks and nature reserves.A variety of landscapes, nature attraction sites, birds and wild animals, forests and seashore. The tour also offers some culture and history insights.

RURAL ROAD: Country Life: Finland – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania

The tour exposes today’s life in rural Finland, Estonia and Latvia. Visits to small farms raising livestock and producing delicious foods, ethnographic villages preserving the traditional lifestyle in contemporary environment.The tour involves also sights of historical and cultural interest.

BALTIC – SCANDINAVIAN ROUTE: Finland – Sweden – Estonia – Latvia

This tour offers visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites – Helsinki, Stockholm, Riga, Tallinn, travelling by ferries and cruise ships and adding value to the trip by exploring the Baltic countries beyond capitals.The sites outside cities present traditional folk cultures of Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia and a variety of farms showing today’s life in the countryside. The roundtrip includes two overnights on cruise ships.


Travellers might be interested in seeing the capital cities and most attractive towns of Estonia and Latvia through the freedom of independent travel and using public train and bus services. Getting around in cities and towns is easy, either by walking, or by using local public transport or taxis. Private driver services are also available. Below is a model itinerary. It can easily be adapted to suit the needs and interests of travellers. Services can be booked with local travel agents: accommodation, meals, guides, car transfers, etc.


The tour presents UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Latvia and Estonia. Experience the famous traditions of song, national crafts, architecture and food of the unique Suiti and Seto ethnic groups.