BALTIC – SCANDINAVIAN ROUTE: Finland – Sweden – Estonia – Latvia

This tour offers visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites – Helsinki, Stockholm, Riga, Tallinn, travelling by ferries and cruise ships and adding value to the trip by exploring the Baltic countries beyond capitals.The sites outside cities present traditional folk cultures of Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia and a variety of farms showing today’s life in the countryside. The roundtrip includes two overnights on cruise ships.

RURAL ROAD: Country Life: Finland – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania

The tour exposes today’s life in rural Finland, Estonia and Latvia. Visits to small farms raising livestock and producing delicious foods, ethnographic villages preserving the traditional lifestyle in contemporary environment.The tour involves also sights of historical and cultural interest.

NATURE ROAD: From Vilnius to Helsinki through the Baltic States

A panoramic tour of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland with highlights of nature experiences in the National parks and nature reserves.A variety of landscapes, nature attraction sites, birds and wild animals, forests and seashore. The tour also offers some culture and history insights.