Fb: @dzirnupes


Package type: half day

Season: May– October

For whom: individuals / groups (min. 2–max. 10 pers.)

Services included: tours of the farm, meals with herbal tea, tales of preparing root drums, music with drums and other percussion instruments made by the owner.

Duration of the programme:  4h

Type of transport: individual transport/tourist bus/public transport


Address: “Dzirnupes”, Šķirstiņi, Viļķenes pag., Limbažu nov.

Distance from the capital: Rīga 100 km

Hosts: Sandra and Juris Palelionis

T.: +371 22 495 916

E-pasts: dzirnupes@gmail.com

“Dzirnupes” is a traditional farm in rural Vidzeme, located 15 km from Limbaži.  During the summer, the owners welcome guests, wishing to spend a night in the romantic granary.  Built in 1924 as a grain storage facility, the granary is now a cosy little place for guests, designed in an ethnographic style with antique furnishings, interior design objects and tool as well as a sauna.

The farm features a pond and little river for fishing or boating, a pergola and a place for picnics outdoor, a volleyball court, a small garden with local country goodies, and blossoming meadows.  Visitors can also meet some pets – a goat, some geese, some chickens and a cat.

The “Dzirnupes” farm is managed by the Palelionis family  – Juris and Sandra. Juris is a percussion master whose speciality is carving drums from the stumps of fir, linden and willow trees and covering these with sonorous goat or beaver skin.  Juris also makes other musical instruments and souvenirs, including horns, percussion instruments, pipes and whisks.

Guests will learn about the farm, dine on country goodies, drink herbal tea, listen to a story about how stump drums are created and, at the end of the process, play music together with their hosts.

  • Meeting owners Sandra and Juris for a stroll around the farm.
  • Herbal tea and snacks prepared by Sandra, served in the pergola or granary.
  • In parallel, a story about how stump drums are made.
  • After that, music with drums and other percussion instruments created by the owner.