ESTONIA – A healing sauna ritual with sauna master at the Energy Farm


PACKAGE TYPE: half day
SEASON: January – December
FOR WHOM: individuals / groups max. 10 pers.
SERVICES INCLUDED: for individuals 1.5 hours; for groups 3 hours
DURATION OF THE PROGRAMME: individuals 1.5 h and groups 3 h (excl. transportation)
TYPE OF TRANSPORT: individual transfer / tour bus
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: by train or by bus to Viljandi, host pickup service

ADDRESS: Vihi küla, 71402 Põhja-Sakala vald, Viljandimaa, Estonia
DISTANCE: Tallinn 141 km, Viljandi 33 km, Tartu 107 km, Riga (Latvia) 241 km
HOSTS: Mrs. Tiiu Siim, Mr. Aivar Siim
T.: +372 518 5151; +372 510 6193

Energia Talu (Energy Farm) is located in the southern part of Estonia and is a medicinal plant centre with its own tea house. All herbs on the farm are grown organically.

The ecological cultivation and conscious use of medicinal plants at Energia Talu started in 1991. The knowledge and skills to start came from the host’s grandfather, who knew medicinal plants and they were part of his lifestyle.
The Energy Eco-Spa with sauna is available at the farm, situated on the shore of the Navesti River and has been offering sauna services since 2010. This is the perfect place for people who want to enjoy a natural lifestyle that draws on the traditional wisdom of past generations.

The host Aivar Siim is a trained and experienced sauna master, who has studied in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. In 2020, in Moscow, Aivar graduated from Ivan Ivankin (Иван Иванкин), a renowned sauna master in Russia, class.

Today Aivar prepares a ritual with aromatherapy and a special practical sauna program, according to a person’s mental and physical condition. He checks the person’s condition before the sauna and selects the procedures individually on the basis of VedaPulse diagnostics. He guides and balances the movement of energies and recommends a personal Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, according to the type of personal body.

  • Arrival, meeting the hosts.

Welcome with herbal tea. The sauna master tells guests about the traditions and rituals of the sauna and their usefulness. Those who wish can take a soothing walk in the fields of medicinal plants and natural flower meadows by the Navesti River before the sauna ritual.

  • Sauna experience. The following are offered during the sauna experience: foot bath with warm water, salt and medicinal herbs, herbal tea. The sauna experience contains the following elements:
  • First, body warming and relaxation.
  • Flower water is sprayed to the stones of the sauna stove for aromatherapy purposes. Flower waters are produced on the Energy Farm.
  • Body cleansing with salt and medicinal herbs.
  • Aromatherapy with medicinal herbs and mild steam.
  • Body bathing with plenty of steam.
  • Compress for joints with medicinal herbs.
  • Whisking in suitable steam.
  • Hot massage-bath.

After the sauna ritual, delicious herbal tea can be drunk under the Energy Pyramid.