FINLAND – Lohja Apple Carneval

Lohja Apple Carneval

Distance: Helsinki 60 km / 1 hour
Address: City of Lohja surroundings
Package type:
2 day programme
Season: September (Apple Carneval is only one day event in the end of every September)
For whom:
small groups (min. 8 – max 16)
Services included: guided transportations, guided visit to Tytyri mine experience, light lunch at Tytyri, coffee break and handicrafts
at Kettukallio Experience farm, dinner by the camp fire at Kettukallio Experience farm, smoke sauna & hot tub at Ket- tukallio Experience farm, accommodation and breakfast in Gasthaus Lohja, guided visit at Lohja Apple Carneval, lunch, home visit at Laine family, departure transportation
Duration: 7 hours
Type of transport: tour bus
Public transportation: bus from Helsinki Kamppi bus station to Lohja bus station (1 h). The rest of the trip by taxi (~5 min / 1,6 km).
Hosts: Kettukallio Experience farm, Ms Terhi Korpijaakko
Website: lohja-apple-carnival-september/



Apple Carneval event is held once in a year during the best apple season in South Finland. Usually this time is from the middle – until the end of September. Apple Carneval event offers variety of season’s fruits and vegetables, handicrafts, local food, music, dance and different kind of other cultural programme. The Apple Carneval tour takes place close to the Lohja City centre in the garden and field of Lohja Museum area.



  • Transportation from Helsinki to Lohja in the morning, 9.30 am. The bus ride will take ca 1 hour.
  • Tytyri Mine Experience, we take you over 100 meters below ground level where the history of miners is strongly present. Guided tour 1.5 hours. The highlight of the tour will be light and music artwork Jean Sibelius Finlandia in a massive surface of the excavated area.
  • Light lunch at Tytyri -hall -110 meters deep restaurant
  • Transportation from Tytyri to Kettukallio Experience farm. We have a traditional Finnish smoke sauna, where you can take your time enjoying the refreshing atmosphere. Smoke sauna is the origin of our everyday sauna. Right beside the smoke sauna there is a hot tub where you can sit and relax listening to the nature. The hot tub has room for 8 persons.
  • Dinner is cooked on open fire just for you and served in an idyllic Lapp hut. The dinner includes starter salad based on Finnish vegetables and main course: blazed salmon, baked potatoes, grilled vegetables and sauce. After dinner we offer you coffee or tea cooked by fire.
  • Accommodation in Gasthaus Lohja, a cosy family owned small hotel close to the city centre of Lohja. Local and tasty breakfast will wake you up in the morning.


  • Guided visit at Lohja Apple Carneval. The carnival area hosts more than a hundred harvest-inspired stalls where you can find baked goods, handicrafts and of course, all kinds of ap- ples.
  • Lunch in Apple Carneval.
  • In addition to the stalls there is also a huge and varied pro- gramme to enjoy at the festival, including theatre, music and performances by “The happy blacksmith”. Displayed in the field are scarecrows participating in the Finnish scarecrow championships. The museum offers free admission during the carnival day and there are Islandic horses for the children to ride on. In the street by the museum, you can admire alpacas, classic cars and motorbikes.
  • The programme culminates with the vote for this year’s “Miss Apple”.
  • Home visit at Laine family. Laine family home is located by the lake Lohja. It’s time to relax and enjoy the view and the atmosphere.
  • Walk by the lake and a picnic lunch. During the visit you will have a walk by the lake Lohja and hear some stories about the beautiful Finnish nature. There is a lot of hazelnut trees and wild flowers by the path. We will enjoy picnic lunch including salad and a roll with coffee or tea in the forest or by the lake.
  • In Laine family garden you will find many useful plants such as hazel nut bushes, apple trees, berry bushes, salads, toma- toes, strawberries etc. Even plants that attract butterflies.
  • Preparing food together. We will prepare mushroom soup and blueberry pie together in our kitchen. Picking mushrooms and berries has been an important way of spending time in forest for generations.
  • Writing postcards. Then you can enjoy and sit by the fire- place and write postcards back home to your loved ones. We will take them to local post office to be sent.
  • During the day there ́s an option to have a sauna in our home and swim in the Lake Lohja.
  • Meal at Laine family. At the evening it ́s time to enjoy a traditional Finnish meal and taste the food we prepared together earlier. Dinner includes salad, different sorts of fish, potatoes, sauce. For dessert blueberry pie with whipped cream and cof- fee or tea.
  • Transportation back to Helsinki leaves at 19pm.