FINLAND – Lohja home visit

Lohja home visit at Laine family

Distance: Helsinki 60 km / 1 hour by bus
Address: Kohtolankatu 8C, FIN-08100 Lohja
Package type:
half-day programme
Season: spring – summer – autumn
For whom:
small groups (min. 8 – max 15)
Services included: guided transportations, home visit at Laine family, walking by the Lake Lohja, picnic lunch in the forest or by the lake, Laine family garden, preparing mushroom soup and blueberry pie, possibility to have a sauna and swim in the Lake Lohja, writing a postcard, having a meal with Laine family.
Duration: 7 hours
Type of transport: tour bus / individual transfer /public bus
Public transportation: bus from Helsinki Kamppi bus station to Lohja bus station (1 h). The rest of the trip by taxi (~5 min / 1,6 km).
Hosts: Laine family, Ms. Riitta Laine


You have a unique possibility to see one real home, how the Finns are living. Our home is located by the Lake Lohja, 1 km from the Lohja city centre. One of the most famous Finnish female artists, Ellen Favorin, used to live in our place about 100 years ago. She has done many paintings from the beautiful scenes of Lake Lohja and Lohja slopes, which were formed during the Ice age. We have a beautiful garden and in short walking distance there is Lake Lohja and nature path Liessaari – island.

During your visit at Laine family you will have a walk by the Lake Lohja and hear some stories about the beautiful Finnish nature. In family Laine garden you will find many useful plants such as hazel nut bushes, apple trees, berry bushes, salads, tomatoes, strawberries etc. During harvest season we can pick fruits, berries and salad straight from our garden. During the visit we will prepare some food together from the seasons ingredients and have a nice meal with the family. You may write a postcard to your loved ones and the cards will be taken to the local post office. During the day there ́s an option to have a sauna in Laine family home and swim in the Lake Lohja.