FINLAND – lohja karkali



Package type: full day tour

Season: May – October

For whom: groups (min. 8 – max. 16 pers.)

Service includes: transportation from Helsinki to Lohja and back, guiding, hiking, smoke sauna and hot tub, picnic lunch, dinner by the campfire

Duration of the programme: a day tour with transportations from Helsinki 11 hours

Type of transport: tour bus and individual transfer

Hosts: Ms. Terhi and Mr. Tuomas Korpijaakko, Ms. Hanna Savelainen and Ms. Riitta Laine

Distance from Helsinki: 79 km

Karkali Strict Nature Reserve

Address: Karkalintie 1035, 08100 Lohja, Finland

Kettukallion Elämystila

Address: Joenpellontie 145, 08480 Lohja, Finland

This full day tour will give you a great, heeling nature experience and also a relaxing smoke sauna and hot tub to beat your stress. The Ķarkali strict nature reserve is located 79km from Helsinki and the ride takes 1.5 hours. You will find out more about the diverse natural features of the lush forests. There is a beautiful meadow where grass is cut once a year to keep the area open and favourable for many flowering plants, butterflies and other insects. The Torhola Cave is the largest limestone cave in Finland and about 30 metres high. The area is surrounded by a forest rich in many rare plant and fungus species. Kettukallio Experience farm is built amongst Finnish nature. You can see beautiful woods reflected from the forest pond and enjoy the silence of the nature. There ́s plenty of rustic tools and other items all around so there ́s a lot of things to wonder and watch.
Kettukallio Experience farm is family owned private place. Services in this destination are smoke sauna, swimming, hot tub, meals, nature tours, accommodation and meetings.

N.B. Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothing and hiking boots.

• Departure from Helsinki to Karkali in the morning. The bus ride will take ca 1,5h.
• Karkali Strict Nature Reserve. The 2 km long nature trail in Karkali Strict Nature Reserve will take you to a natural spring that is used by local people and many Karkali visitors to drink water. The guide will tell you about the history of the area and favourable climate and the rock foundation which is providing special environment for flora and fauna living in the area.
• Picnic lunch at Karkali. Hot mush- room soup, local apple juice and homemade bread.
• Torhola Cave. It is 500m walk to the cave from the parking lot.
• Walk back to the bus and continue to Kettukallio Experience farm homestead 13km (~20 min drive).
• Dinner is cooked on open fire just for you and served in an idyllic Lapp hut. The dinner includes starter salad based on Finnish vegetables and main course: blazed salmon, baked potatoes, grilled vegetables and sauce. After dinner we offer you coffee or tea cooked by fire.
• Smoke sauna and a hot tub. We have a traditional Finnish smoke sauna, where you can take your time enjoying the refreshing atmosphere. Right beside the smoke sauna there is a hot tub