FINLAND – Tytyri mine experience

Tytyri mine experience


PACKAGE TYPE: half-day programme
SEASON: January – December
FOR WHOM: individuals / groups (min. 1- max. 100)
SERVICES INCLUDED: guided tour in -110 meter underground
DURATION OF THE PROGRAMME: 1.5 hour guided tour + 2 hours transportation from Helsinki
TYPE OF TRANSPORT: tour bus / individual transfer / public bus
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: bus from Helsinki Kamppi bus station to Lohja bus station (1 h). Walk from Lohja bus station (~30 min / 2,3 km).
HOSTS: Tytyri Mine Experience guides


ADDRESS: Kuilukatu 42, FIN-08100 Lohja, FINLAND
DISTANCE: Helsinki 60 km / 1 hour



Tytyri Mine Experience is a unique and multi- faceted travel destination 110 metres below ground level, combining the Nordkalk mining industry, Kone’s world-class technological development, and the adventure and thrills of a travel destination. The public has a wonderful opportunity to see this fascinating underground world. Although the dark and humid museum area is filled with underground sounds, it is a very safe distance from the excavation work, which is much deeper down. Unique music and lightshow deep in a dark cave is really breathtaking. Now Finland’s fastest elevator is in use in the Tytyri mine and Welcomes you to the deeper regions of the Earth!

  • Arrival with chosen transportation from Helsinki to Lohja and Tytyri Mine Experience. Journey takes about 1 hour by charter bus and 1, 5 hours by public bus. If you choose public transportation, you have 2.5 km walking distance from the Lohja Main Bus station to Tytyri Mine or you may take a taxi from the front of the bus station and it takes about 7 minutes to the destination. You can ask pick-up service from your hotel or airport. Also guide-service available into the bus for a little extra cost.
  • After arrival to Tytyri, you will meet your Guide and have safety gears as helmet. We have also warm jacket for rent if needed.
  • 1.5 hour guided tour underground, possibility to take photos and use free wifi during the tour.
  • After the guided tour possibility to buy some souvenirs.
  • Transfer back to Helsinki.