Package type: half day
Season: May–September
For whom: groups
Services included: farm tour, refreshment break with home-made delicacies. Optional extra services: overnight stay and sauna.
Duration of the programme: 2 hours
Type of transport: public bus ‘Rīga–Kuldīga’ to the bus stop ‘Kandava’ (~1 h 30 min). Pick-up and transfer to Indāni Traditional Farmstead (~15 min).

Address: Indāni, Kandavas pag., Tukuma nov.
Distance from the capital: Riga 95 km
Hostess: Signe Ezeriņa
Contact details:
T.: +371 29 259 272

The farmstead is located in the Abava Ancient river valley. Visitors can experience true Latvian farm life in a farm where there are goats, sheep, horses, geese, chickens, rabbits and other animals. The restoration of the farmstead began in 1991 and at that time there were collapsed barn walls and an overgrown apple orchard. The Ezeriņi family started the work in order to fulfil their eldest daughter Signe’s dream of living in the countryside and owning her own horse.

Now the hostess Signe Ezeriņa runs her traditional smallholding farm supplying her family with fresh products – eggs, milk, cheese, vegetables and fruit. Signe now shares the fulfilment of her dream with guests, allowing them to get to know and live a real country life.

On a 2-hour farm tour guests will learn about the farmstead, see the animals, and can taste the products the hostess makes on the farm. Upon separate arrangement, an overnight stay is possible to enjoy more of a country life, take a sauna with birch and juniper switches and swim in the local pond.

  • A tour of the farm, introducing the way of life in the countryside.
  • A refreshment break drinking herbal tea with honey and trying carrot buns and other traditional pastries.