Season: end of July–beginning of August

For whom: individuals / groups

How to get there: ferry from Finland Pargas (2.5h) or Långnäs mainland Åland (2.5h)

Distance from capital: Mariehamn 83 km, Helsinki 281km


Kökar island, Åland



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In the outermost southern part of Åland lies the archipelago of Kökar, consisting of one larger island surrounded by thousands of smaller ones. The main island has about 250 inhabitants and has been populated for about 3000 years.

The Kökarveckan Festival Week includes committed islanders – individuals, associations and entrepreneurs who together welcome visitors to several different experiences and activities by the sea. Activities and events of various kinds take place during the week. Visitors can join for a village walk, participate in workshops filled with creative joy, have fun with others and set the tone during the singing evening. Traditional summer dancing while the sun goes down on the horizon is a matter of course.

Visitors can experience the following activities at the Kökar Festival Week:

  • Folklore sailing with the boat “Tjutt-tjutt”
  • Hiking on Kalen with an experienced guide
  • Visit beautiful art exhibitions
  • Visit the tractor exhibition
  • Try the test shooting simulator
  • Listen to live concerts in the archipelago environment
  • Dance to the tunes of folk music
  • Meet well-known local authors
  • Participate in outdoor Christian ceremonies
  • Play disc golf in the well arranged disc golf-park located on Kökar
  • Test-drive an excavator
  • Ride along with a fire truck
  • Participate in the flea market rally
  • Join the bird watching walk
  • Go to Källskär by boat
  • Participate in village tour
  • Eat the local delicacies
  • Look at the tractor cruising
  • Shop at the local retailers