Laitse Granite Villa

Laitse Granite Villa

Romantic Laitse Graniitvilla (Laitse Granite Villa) is a special place. The ground floor of this historical granite building features two large halls for social events. For those who would like to spend the night, there are suites upstairs displaying the works of a number of artists. Graniitvilla is surrounded by a large sculpture garden with numerous monumental sculptures by the landlord himself, Tauno Kangro.


Distance from Tallinn: 36 km
Address Lossipargi tee 8, Laitse küla, 76302 Saue vald, Harjumaa, Estonia





Graniitvilla has 9 unique suites. All of the suites extend through two floors. The downstairs living areas have extendable armchairs or sofa beds, a WC and a bathroom. The bedrooms are upstairs. The suites are built using as many natural and Estonian materials as possible, e.g. clay, wood, granite and glass. For the interior, bath- tubs with bronze feet, granite basins and antique chandeliers are used. Antique wooden furniture, collected over the years and now restored, adds to the uniqueness and value of each room. All of this expresses owner’s way of life.



In addition to accommodation and catering services, for several years Graniitvilla has been running unique sculpting and drawing masterclasses for people who haven’t made a single plasticine fig- ure or drawing on pencil and paper since they were kids. These classes are taught by the landlord himself, Tauno Kangro (famous Estonian sculptor). These classes last for 1.5-3 hours and partici- pants can take their artworks home.



Graniitvilla does not have a restaurant that operates daily. All meals have to be pre-ordered.