LATVIA – Dome house park ‘Ārpus Laika’

Dome house park ‘Ārpus Laika’

Distance: Riga 31 km / 40 minutes by car
Address: ‘Kairosa’, Salaspils pag., Salaspils nov., LV-5015, Latvia
Package type:
half-day tour
Season: January – December
For whom:
groups (min. 10 – max 50)
Services included: excursion + wine tasting + dessert
Duration: 2 hours
Type of transport: tour bus
Public transportation: bus ‘Rīga – Ogre’ to the bus stop ‘Priedītes’ (~40 min).
Pick-up and transfer to the dome house park ‘Ārpus Laika’ (~3 min).
Host: Mrs. Ilze Bērziņa



The name of the house means ‘Beyond Time’. The family demonstrates to visitors a modern country living and their lifestyle. They have created a landscape park, built a dome house and a dome terrace, run their own timber construction and tourism businesses, and make wines as a hobby.

The family has created a landscape park and they practice green living in a dome house designed by themselves. The family also manufactures garden furniture and hammocks. The buildings are surrounded by a beautiful park and a pond full of frogs and fishes. The surrounding landscape of the park with a pergola, a bridge, a forest and fields creates a very tranquil countryside atmosphere that can be experienced just a short drive away from the capital city. The hostess makes wines and offers tasting of different sorts. She also demonstrates cooking of traditional Latvian desserts.



  • Introduction to the ‘Beyond Time’ concept and idea, showing around (approx. 15 min.). In good weather the introduction part takes place outdoors.
  • Introduction to wine making from local products (berries, herbs etc.) The first glass of wine served.
  • Dome house stories – the hostess will tell about the concept of dome houses, their different architectural styles and ideas (approx. 15 min.).
  • Short introduction to the second wine sort for tasting. A glass of wine served.
  • Insight in how the dome house ‘Beyond Time’ was built. Demonstration of thehouse insulation with straw (approx. 20 min.).
  • Short break for guests to explore the park (approx. 10 min.).
  • Short introduction to the third wine for tasting. A glass of wine served.
  • Workshop and demonstration of cooking a traditional Latvian dessert ‘rupjmaizes kārtojums’ or ’debesmanna’. The hostess will make one of the desserts together with the visitors. After demonstration the visitors will enjoy the dessert (approx. 30 min.).