Package type: half day

Season: June–August

For whom: individuals / groups (min. 2–max. 20)

Services included: tour in the farm and plant harvesting, making your own tea blend

Duration of the programme: 1–1.5 hours

Type of transport: individual transport / tourist bus



Address: “Annas Ozoliņi”, Zaubes pag., Cēsu nov.

Distance from the capital: Riga 97 km

Hostess: Evita Lūkina

The farm is surrounded by biologically valuable grassland meadows and forest and has its own forest lake. The nearest neighbours are 2 km away. This is one of the first businesses in Latvia where, after the restoration of independence, tea production began using Latvian wild and garden plants. For more than 20 years now, the brand “Lauku tējas” (country teas) has been available on store shelves.

Evita and Martins Lukini has overtaken family business and continue herbal tea production as well as sustainable forestry and create events to reconnect people with nature to awaken their mindfulness. The main business activity is still production of ecological teas continuing the usage of ancestral knowledge, collecting teas and preparing them according to ancient methods, using fermentation – suturing.

Guests will get acquainted with plants and tea making by participating in the Mandala tea workshop and creating their own blend of tea to take away. Participation in herbal meditation will enable each person to choose the most suitable and necessary herbs for them to be used for making their tea. By prior arrangement a rural life experience can be arranged with guest participation in some seasonal tea production work such as planting, harvesting, sorting, preparing for drying, fermentation, packing.

  • Arrival at the farm, meeting with hostess Evita.
  • Walking around the farm, becoming acquainted with the plants and gathering them to make the tea. The unique opportunity of summer is to make fresh tea from picked plants during the walk.
  • Tea workshop:
    • Meditation, during which participants stand or sit with eyes closed breathing deeply and calmly, allowing all the attention to descend into the body to allow the intention to come – what is needed form the tea for now: peace, energy, specific health problem?
    • Choice of plants from the 12 plants offered: seeing, smelling and feeling with the whole body and its essence, choosing 3-5 plants that support this intention.
    • Making a tea mandala – forming a circle from the selected plants, thus obtaining the proportions for the tea mixture. The mandala is an ancient form of healing, the circle is a symbol of the universe.
    • Preparation of the ready tea mixture to take away – put the tea mixture into a bag and write the name and composition of the mixture.