Riida Tourism Farm

Riida Tourism Farm

Riida tourism farm, located on the beautiful island of Manilaid, welcomes you to visit at every season to spend your holiday, watch the birds or do science or art related work.
How to come? When driving towards the direction of Audru-Tõstamaa, you will reach the Village of Pootsi, from there turn left (signpost „Munalaiu sadam 3,5 km”). In the harbour you can take the regular boat “Mann”, which does trips at least twice a day. The sea trip takes 10 minutes. On the island you can either walk to the Farm (2,5 km) or we can come and fetch you with a car.

At Riida you can definitely enjoy the nature, refresh yourself in the sauna and eat delicious meals. Besides the host family there are plenty of other inhabitants: Scottish Highland cows, sheep, dogs and a cat.

Distance from Tallinn: 161 km
Address Manija küla (island of Manilaid), 88112 Pärnumaa, Estonia
Website: www.manilaid.ee





Accommodation is provided in lovely little rooms – altogether 6 rooms all year round.
Extra accommodation facilities during summertime.



Sauna, barbecue site, domestic animals. Beach volleyball court for sporting, rowing boat. Possibility to visit the Island of Kihnu as a day-trip.



The hostess recommends to taste the high-quality grass fed local mutton. Fish, vegetarian and vegan dishes are also an option. Farm uses as much local produce as possible – depending on the season.