Package type: half day

Season: January–December

For whom: individuals / groups (max. 5 pers.)

Services included: lunch picnic with locally produced foods

Duration of the programme: 4.5 hours

Type of transport: individual transfer



Address: Ulva 445 82198 Rengsjö
Distance from the capital: Stockholm 265 km, Söderhamn 25 km

Hostess: Karolina Svensk
Contact details:

T.: +46 073 558 85 58

Choosing rural life is what allows people today to experience the link with wild nature and animals. No other horse can match the Icelandic horse when exploring this type of heavy terrain. Their size and carrying capability together with their incredible mentality make it easy to understand why they were the choice of Nordic ancestors – the Vikings, who brought the horse to Iceland over 1.000 years ago.

Karolina is the owner of the farm and also one of the guides. She lives for the horses. Her passion is to give what she gets from the Icelandic horses and nature.

Experienced guides will take the visitors into the wild, silent and mystical forest of Sweden on horseback. No previous riding experience is necessary because the Icelandic horses are small, very calm, steady and famous for their smooth and even gait called tölt. The path takes riders through beautiful wild nature on forest roads, allowing them to enjoy the forest landscapes. The area is rich in wildlife so there is a chance to see wild animals and birds such as lynx, the rare and mythical wolverine, roe deer, squirrels, capercaillie, hares, foxes and martens.

  • Meet the hosting guides. Introduction of the farm and the Icelandic Horse.
  • Preparations for riding:
    • The guides will match the right horse for each rider.
    • Basic introduction to horseback riding.
    • Introduction to Sweden’s wildlife as well as practical guidelines on how to behave to increase chances to encounter wild animals.
  • Riding trip through the forest.
  • A break with a “Swedish wildlife fika” together with a breathtaking view or at a cosy forest creek watching trout fish breaking the water surface. Fika is a Swedish social tradition of having a coffee with snacks in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.
  • Tack off the horses and release them together to their pasture.