Wellbeing tourism

Wellbeing tourism

These leisure offers are intended to provide you with feelings of emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Peace, quiet, open spaces, fresh air, pampering yourself, a healthy lifestyle, gentle exercise, beautiful surroundings, closeness to nature – all of these are skilfully merged to provide you with a sense of harmony, balance in your inner world, and to revitalise your energy. In Baltic Sea region people has known for centuries how to use nature materials for their health and wellbeing. The knowledge about preparation of herbal teas, sauna switches, body masks and scrubs are inherited from generation to generation.



Hotels, manors and guest houses with spa services are are usually located also in the countryside and offer high-quality spa procedures and relaxing rituals so that you can pamper and restore yourself. Added value is provided by fresh air, lovely natural and rural landscapes, and the sounds of nature. The venues also have equipment for outdoor activities such as bicycles, boats, hiking poles, trails, designed routes for walking, as well as bicycle trips in the vicinity.



The sauna restores the body in physical and spiritual terms. A sauna ritual is an adventure on various levels – healing and purifying the body, concentrating the emotions, learning about yourself, and even experiencing a positive change in your consciousness. Sauna rituals make use of gifts from the environment – branch and plant switches, scrubs and body masks from natural and local raw materials. Herbal teas are also offered. 

Smoke sauna tradition is on UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Finnish traditional sauna: http://saunafromfinland.fi/en/

Estonian traditional sauna: http://mooska.eu/index.php/in-english

Latvian traditional steam bath: http://www.latvia.travel/en/article/sauna-culture-latvia


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