ESTONIA – Workcamp ‘E-motion’ in Kiidi

Workcamp ‘E-motion’ in Kiidi


Distances: Tallinn 257 km, Riga 216 km
Address: Kiidi Tourism Farm, Kiidi küla, Rõuge vald, Võrumaa, Estonia
Season: summer/autumn and winter/spring
Duration: 7 days
For whom: groups of 5–16 persons
Hosts: Aigar Piho and Kiidi Tourism Farm staff




Kiidi tourism farm is situated in Rõuge Primeval Valley, Haanja Nature Park, South Estonia. The hosts have over 10 years’ experience of welcoming visitors from Japan. We work, go sightseeing, visit local schools and local people, and go hiking. The camp activities include:

  • Skills workshops: carpentry and handloom weaving, berry/apple jam making, black bread baking. Dancing and playing musical instruments. In winter, participants can learn to ski or snowboard.
  • Work: 2–4 hours per day with local families or villagers. Summer/autumn: picking berries and mushrooms, taking care of hiking trails, piling up chopped firewood, planting trees, making birch whisks for the sauna.
  • Winter/spring: take care of hiking trails, piling up chopped firewood, planting trees, carpentry; we may also help to organise local events, e.g. the Haanja Marathon.
  • Every day there is the chance to use the sauna.
  • Hiking: Haanja Nature Park, Luhasoo Nature Trail.
  • Sightseeing: Suur Munamägi hill in Haanja and the viewing tower, Vastseliina Castle, Setomaa, Seto Studio-Gallery and the Estonian National Museum in Tartu. Excursion day to Latvia.