Estonia – local experiences


 amarillo Home Visit on Kihnu Island

Kihnu is the largest island in the Gulf of Riga with the area of 16.4 km2. It is 7 km long and up to 3.3 km wide. There are four villages on the island.The unique atmosphere of the island can be experienced visiting a local family at Kuraga Farm. Three generations are living in one farm and are happy to welcome guests.

Duration of the programme: 1.5 hours.

The programme includes:

  • Presentation of Kuraga family about everyday life and the past on the island.
  • Homemade local lunch from ecological self-grown and home-made food such as white/black bread, herbal tea, jam and other goods from family’s garden.

Local music performed by the Kuraga family members.

 amarillo  From the City to Beer Capital – Saku Tour

Country life experiences and tastes during a day trip outside Tallinn. You are welcome to enjoy the history and modern tastes of the Baltic largest beer brewery and great Saku manor, the Metsanurme old barn and the bread history, Esko’s farm dairy products and the environment.

Duration of the programme: 6 -7 hours.

The programme includes:

  • Presentation of the manor house, workshops and handicraft.
  • Visit to Esko`s farm dairy, presentation of production, degustation (cheese, curd, yogurt, feta-cheese).
  • Visit and coffee-break in Metsanurme village house (former grain dryer).
  • Visit to Saku Brewery – guided tour in the factory and beer-museum, production degustation, dinner in brewery pub.

Saku Brewery

Saku Manor House

Metsanurme Village Centre

Esko Farm Dairy

 amarillo Avinurme Wooden Handicrafts Centre

Avinurme Wooden Handicrafts Centre in East-Viru County is a tourist centre that offers a chance to get acquainted with the local woodcraft, spend quality time in woodworking workshops and taste or even prepare yourself a selection of Estonian traditional foods. Avinurme area has strong woodcraft and business traditions, based on knowledge passed on from generation to generation. Meals can be pr-ordered.

Duration of the programme: 1.5-2.5 hours (depends of the workshop theme).

The programme includes:

  • Presentation of the Avinurme Wooden Handicrafts Centre.
  • Workshop options: basket weaving, chipwood decorations, sauna hat felting, sauna soap felting, bread baking, candle making, wood painting, galosh painting.

Coffee break and/or degustation of local products.

 amarillo Võromaa smoke sauna at Mooska Farm

The Adventure Trip and Smoke Sauna package presents the smoke sauna traditions of Old Võromaahaving found a dignified place in the list of UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The smoke sauna session in Mooska smoke sauna is customarily at least 3 hours of bathing enjoyment.Body and soul will be cleansed while relaxing in a mysterious and comforting steam room, together with the host family, whisking, bathing, and pampering yourself with sauna honey. The sauna is located near a pond for a cooling swim when water is ice free or an invigorating dip in winter. During the experience your hosts will tell you all about and explain the Estonian smoke sauna traditions and beliefs. Smoke sauna is a holy (sacred) place for the family.

The Adventure Trip and Smoke Sauna package has been awarded the EHE (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) quality label.

Duration of the programme: 5-6 hours.

The programme includes:

  • A nature trip to Vällamägi Hill, where participants will gain a deep insight into the local cultural heritage.
  • A guided smoke sauna session after the walk.

Lunch or dinner made of local products.

 amarillo Tori Jõesuu Cider and Wine Farm

Fruit and berry wine has been made at the Tori Jõesuu Cider and Wine Farm since its beginnings. The people currently living there are inspired by the experiences of their ancestors and value the fruits and berries that grow from the local Soomaa soil, which has a peculiar composition. The old feral apple tree, which grows in the yard, is particularly special because we use its golden apples with an unusual taste to make the unique Tori Jõesuu Cider Farm cider. We will also visit a genuine Nordic vineyard.Cider tour in Tori Jõesuu Cider and Wine Farm at the edge of Soomaa has been awarded the EHE (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) quality label.

Duration of the cider tour: 2 hours.

The cider tour includes:

  • Visit of genuine Nordic vineyard.
  • Introduction of the organic cultivation of fruit trees, the process of turning raw materials into cider and wine.
  • Products’ tasting.
 amarillo Kuusiku Naturefarm

You will find the nice and quiet Kuusiku Nature Farm on the edge of the beautiful Lahemaa National Park by Lake Viitna Pikkjärv. The Kuusiku Farm offers traditional farm bread.

Duration of the programme: 5-6 hours.

The programme includes:

  • Introduction of Kuusiku Naturefarm.
  • Guided nature tour  in the nearby nature reserves or wetland  areas.
  • A cooking class for traditional foods, for example, mushroom dishes, bread baking, etc..
  • Lunch or dinner made of local products.