Package type: full day

Season: May–September

For whom: groups (min. 5–max. 10 pers.)

Services included: guiding services Helsinki-Siuntio-Fiskars Village-Helsinki, visits as per programme, coffee/tea berry pie, eat-like-a-local lunch, a small design-gift.

Duration of the programme: 9 hours

Type of transport: individual transfer / tour bus 


Address: Fiskarsintie, 10470 Fiskars Village 

Distance from the capital: Helsinki 87 km

Hosts: guide Virve Haahti, folk musician Ulla Hillebrandt & sculptor Jenni Tieaho, ceramist Karin Widnäs
Contact details:
T.: +358 (0) 20 439 2099


Finns are well-known for their design, and this tour visits places for art and design enthusiasts, food enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys cute historic villages with a unique, local atmosphere. The sculptor and environmental artist studio in Siuntio village is located in a beautiful rural area, surrounded by farms and local rural life. Fiskars Village is in the historical surroundings of an old village area outside the town of Raasepori.

The tour is hosted by Ms. Virve Haahti, an official and professional tourist guide approved by the Finnish Association for Guides. She has lengthy experience in travel and tourism business in both her home country Finland and several European countries.

The tour presents a modern rural lifestyle visiting local people who live in the countryside practicing arts and music, based on nature and Finnish traditional values.

09:00 Departure from Helsinki. Start from Helsinki with Virve Haahti.

~10:00 Rural lifestyle visit. Meet sculptor and environmental artist Jenni Tieaho and musician Ulla Hillebrandt. Coffee/tea with local berry pie.

Jenni Tieaho’s art consists of sculptures, installations and environmental art. The core of her work is in utilising natural resources such as willow, birch bark and other plant parts with steel to compliment them. Inspiration comes from Finnish mythology and forest fables. Jenni feels most comfortable in the wilderness and nature is like a second nationality and a second language to her. .

Folk musician Ulla is a singer, archaic instrument player, fiddler and folk dancer. Ulla’s parents and grandparents guided her into the Finnish folk traditions and her traditional roots are from northern Finland where both forest and rural traditions are still strongly alive. She found her natural roots during her growth into Finnish nature and forest therapy, while in her performances she also uses local southern Finnish folk traditions. During her artistic years she has delved deeply into the mystical world of Finnish forest. One of her specialty areas is the Finnish epic story of Kalevala. Its myths and fairy tales can be found in her various performances where she uses traditional poems, melodies and rhythms.

11:15 Departure to Fiskars Village.

12:15 – 13:15 Eat-like-a-local lunch at Fiskars Wärdshus restaurant: handicraft, seasonal delicacies and the wonderful ambiance of the oldest Inn in Finland.

13:30 – 14:30 Rural lifestyle visit. KWUM, Ceramic Museum and Gallery, meet ceramist Karin Widnäs. The architecture of the museum combines timber and ceramics elements and besides the permanent collection, which largely comprises Karin Widnäs’ own collections, the museum features changing exhibitions of both domestic and foreign ceramic pieces.

14:30-16:30 Free time for design-shopping and getting to know the village.

16:30 Departure to Helsinki. Optional: accommodation in Hotel Tegel, Fiskars Village. Hotel Tegel is located at the heart of the beautiful Fiskars Village next to the water stream.

18:00 Back in Helsinki.