LATVIA – Dzirnupes Traditional Farmstead

Dzirnupes Traditional Farmstead


Distances: Riga 90 km
Address: “Dzirnupes”, Limbažu nov., Viļķenes pag., LV – 4052, Latvia
Season: May – October
Public transportation: bus ‘Rīga – Limbaži’ to Limbaži bus station (~1h 50 min), change for bus ‘Limbaži – Pāle / Limbaži – Limbaži’ to the bus stop ‘Šķirstiņi’ (~25 min). Pick-up and transfer to Dzirnupes Traditional Farmstead (~3 min). Pick-up service can also be arranged from Limbaži bus station.
Hosts: Sandra and Juris Palelioņi




Dzirnupes is a traditional farmstead where visitors can feel the true romance of Latvia’s countryside. This is an excellent leisure venue for couples or families with children. Guests are accommodated in a granary that was built in 1924 and is now a romantic building with a sauna. The host is a master of several crafts: he makes drums from tree stumps, and can teach visitors how to forge a nail in the farm’s smithy as well as show them how to use a bow and arrow. He holds a Latvian Heritage award for continuing and promoting these skills. The lady of the house will take visitors along on her daily chores and allow them an insight into country life – gathering hay, making sauerkraut, weeding, milking the goat, watching the geese, and catching and smoking fish to the farm’s own recipe. Visitors can also help to bake bread. The family will gladly take guests on excursions in the local surroundings, tell them about country life and answer questions. Guests will enjoy a peaceful and relaxed family atmosphere.