ESTONIA lahemaa


Package type: 2-day programme
Season: May – September
For whom: 2–4 pers.
Package includes: transfers + walk + meals + accommodation + activities with family depending on the season
Programme duration: 2 days/1 night
Type of transport: private transfer from Tallinn
Distance: Tallinn 90 km, Riga (Latvia) 368 km


Toomarahva smallholding in Altja village, Lahemaa National Park
Address: Altja küla, 45408 Haljala vald, Lääne-Virumaa, Estonia

Lahemaa – the oldest and biggest national park in Estonia – is waiting to be explored. Experiences include a guided nature walk in the bog, a peaceful afternoon in a traditional fishing village, cooking with the local family, a traditional sauna, some farm work and taking part in the local social life.

Day 1:

  • Depart from Tallinn. 1 hour drive to Viru bog.
  • 1.5-hour walk in Viru bog with a local nature guide. A walking trail passes through the forest and bog landscapes characteristic of Lahemaa National Park. The trail is 3.5 km and the loop is 6 km long.
  • 30 min. drive to the scenic traditional Estonian fishing village of Altja.
  • Arrival, settling in at Toomarahva smallholding and a small tour of the farm – ‘Our Story’.
  • Lunch at the local tavern where traditional Estonian food is served.
  • Leisure time to walk through the village and enjoy the coast, getting a feel for life in a traditional fishing village.
  • Sauna (traditional Estonian massage, sauna or leech therapy available).
  • Cooking an evening meal with the hostess and enjoying local food.
  • Overnight at Toomarahva.

Day 2:

  • Traditional Estonian breakfast at Toomarahva, from a seasonal menu that uses local organic produce.
  • Seasonal farm work at Toomarahva with the family, which may include wood chopping/stacking, haymaking, gathering wild herbs, pickling seasonal produce in the Estonian way, or other jobs, depending on the season and weather. A photo session is included.
  • Lunch at Sagadi Manor’s à la carte restaurant. A tour of the estate and the surrounding area. Opportunity to buy local souvenirs.
  • Dinner at Palmse tavern.
  • Transfer to Tallinn.