LATVIA – Local UG Brewery, beer tasting

Local UG Brewery, beer tasting


SEASON: January – December
FOR WHOM: groups (min 10– max 20) if tasting held in brewery. Possible also for bigger groups is held f.ex. in Tytyri Mine Tytyri hall or some other restaurant.
DURATION OF THE PROGRAMME: 1. 5 hours tasting
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: bus from Helsinki Kamppi bus station to Lohja bus station (1 h). The rest of the trip by taxi (~5 min / 2,6 km).
HOSTS: Mr. Ilkka Miettinen or Mr. Olavi Mensola


ADDRESS: Hemmolankatu 26 B 1, FIN- 08150 Lohja
DISTANCE: Helsinki 60 km / 1 hour by bus

United Gypsies Brewery is founded in 2016 and we are in Lohja, Finland. We got 500 liter capacity and we produce beer to restaurants, bars, firms and gypsies’ breweries. The idea of UG Brewery is that everyone can have their own kind of beer. Brewing equipment is expensive, and it is very hard to find a place where to put them. That ́s why UG Brewery got them all, so you don ́t need to get worried. UG Brewery team is made-up of long-term beer enthusiasts. Small brewery culture is growing all the time and we want to be part of that growth. It has been great to see, that more often people are thinking about the beer and its story. UG Brewery goal is to provide high quality beer and create new experiences.
UG Brewery services:
• Beer enthusiasts and gypsies’ breweries that have their own recipes or brand, can produce their own beer in our brewery.
• Restaurants and bars can order their own brand beer.
• Firms can order their own brand beer for employees or customers.
• Beer tasting, where people can learn and explore the world of beer.
• Beer tasting can be organized in our brewery or in any other location in area. We co operate f.ex. with Tytyri Mine Experience, if you want you have your beer tasting in 110m deep underground cave.

• First, we will tell you about brewing, different kind of beers and brewery culture.
• Then we taste 3-4 different beers from the Breweries selection.
• If you choose to have beer tasting in some restaurant, we are able to choose right beers according to your menu.
• After tasting you will have chance to do shopping, if the tasting is held in the brewery shop.